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ocean city yacht club



Application for Use of Ocean City Yacht Club Facilities


Members and Nonmembers may apply to use the Club for Private Parties for themselves or members of their immediate family when not in conflict with Club-Sponsored affairs.

3. All affairs are subject to the established House Rules of the Club and the General Information document, in addition to those listed herein.

Please do not:

a) Move or alter any contents of the Club.
b) Fasten or cause to be fastened to the walls, ceilings or electrical appliances any material, signs, decorations, or adornments of any nature whatsoever. The use of sparklers, any pyrotechnics, is prohibited. This does not forbid the placing flowers, or similar decorative devices on dining room tables, occasional tables, and staircase railing throughout the Clubhouse. Only votive and pillar candles are approved and must be contained. Please consult the Event Coordinator or Banquet Manager if you have any questions regarding decorations.
c) Park any vehicle upon the Clubhouse property.
d) Cause to be attached to the exterior of the Clubhouse any signs, electrical wiring electrical lights, loud speakers, similar electronic equipment, or flags, streamers or similar material, or any structures of any kind.

4. The Clubhouse must be closed daily by 12:00PM and 11:00PM on Sundays.

5. Payments: Fifty percent of the estimated total cost of the affair is due not less than two months prior to the date of the affair. The remainder of the estimated balance is due not less than one week prior to the date of the affair. In the event of any overpayment, a refund will be made. In the event that the total cost is over the original estimate, the balance due from the applicant will be billed, and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Any damage occurring, except for normal wear and tear, must be reimbursed by the applicant.

6. A deposit check for $2,000.00 must accompany the contract and will be returned if there is no damage. In the event of a wedding reception cancellation your deposit will not be returned unless the date is booked again with another wedding reception.

7. All checks shall be made payable to Nobil on the Bay

8. At no time, either directly or indirectly, are alcoholic beverages permitted to be sold at Club, or can the price of such beverages be included in any ticket sold, or distributed by the applicant. Alcoholic beverages must be confined to the Clubhouse.

9. The applicant specifically agrees to abide by the statutes of the State of New Jersey, and ordinances of the City of Ocean City, as is applicable to the consumption of of alcoholic beverages, and agrees to indemnify, and hold the Club harmless from such violation.

10. Prices quoted are for the 2017 season and are based on costs existing at the time this application is made. The applicant agrees to grant Nobil on the Bay the right to make increases in the costs of food, beverages, and changes by reason of increased taxes, utilities, or food prices at the time of the affair.

11. While reasonable efforts will be undertaken for HVAC during the affair, it is recognized that at times the HVAC may malfunction, and in those situations the obligation is solely to attempt to arrange in good faith emergency repairs to the HVAC, and without reimbursement or reduction of payment provided within.

12. All personal property of the event host and his/her guests and vendors, including decorations and liquor, must be removed following the event. Property left after that time is abandoned and may be disposed of without notice.